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KTM 990 Adventure Setup

This page will contain our log on setting up the KTM 990 Adventures leading up to the big event.

Ready to roll!

Here is one of our KTM's ready to roll. Everything seems to have fit ok!

In the beginning...  
On the left you'll see one of our KTM990 Adventures just after we picked it up from the shop. Below is what it looked like within days!

Crash Bars  
Crash bars were the first things put onto the bike, last thing any of us wanted was to scratch up the bike before we start the trip!

Steering Damper
The steering damper was next job on the list (below is the finished product).

I had a few issues with the blanked out bolts holding the ignition on to the triple clamp, but a lot of french and brawn got them out (left).


Fuel Map Switch
The KTM 990 (and 950) are tuned to run 95+ octane fuel (i.e. premium) as standard. The bike comes with a second fuel map that can be used for lower octane fuel when premium cannot be found.

The second fuel map is engaged by unclipping a wire underneath the seat, which is a rather warm job if the bike is hot! The solution was to install a switch to the fuel map curcuit (as pictured on the left).

Navigation was going to be a big part of the trip (well at least knowing where we were lost). A RAM mount was bolted to the handlebars which puts the GPS in easy reach.

Let there be Sound
The standard pipes have been ditched and replaced with a set of Wings. The Wings exhausts knock about 10kg's off the weight, run much cooler (i.e. no burnt luggage, legs etc) and sound great.

We spent a lot of time trying to work out if we needed communications or not. After reading a few forums etc we thought it sounded like a good idea. It wasn't until we tested them out at Easter that we realised how good it was being able to communicate between bikes. We are able to warn each other of incoming 4x4's on tracks, tell each other which way to turn without having to wait and heckle each other's riding ability! The communication units also allow us to listen to music and also communicate with pillions. Brilliant bit of gear.

Water water everywhere...
This mod is thanks to the Orange Crush page on Water gets into the KTM swing arms when the bike is washed or taken through water crossings. Unfortunately there's no way out for the water. This can cause the chain adjuster bolts to rust and seize as they are threaded into the swing arm. Simple solution - drill some drain holes.