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The upside, down-under tour of Australia


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Let the following be a warning about the effects of beer...

The beginning of our adventure…

As with most great ideas this one was more or less conceived in a relatively blurry state over many beers and a celebratory Christmas BBQ nearly 2 years ago…

We all know that the combination of amber fuel and a smoky haze can lead to the wildest of imaginative ideas and this one was certainly that! And more!!

Momentarily forgetting about the steaks, but most certainly not the beers, we had our heads huddled together over a great big map of Australia. Having returned from a European adventure some months earlier the thirst for an overseas jet about had been somewhat quenched and although we have both been fortunate enough to see much of our own backyard, we quickly realised that there was much, much more to see……

So what began as an off-the-cuff comment about exploring more of own great country turned into a late night with many opened maps, pens, highlighters, pins and notes… and of course burnt steaks and enough empty aluminium cans on the floor to keep a small bauxite mine in business for another year.

The obligatory Sunday morning hangover aside, we vaguely recalled our moments of madness from the night before where we had broadly hatched plan to circumnavigate the continent covering approximately 25,000klms and taking in the four continental extremities along the way....

Before long the hatched plan had evolved into a more definitive scope and we had a vision….. A vision to start in Byron Bay head north to Cape York (right up to the tip) and across to Steep Point in WA via Arnhem Land, Kakadu, Darwin, The Kimberley's, Wolfe Creek and Broome before heading down the west coast to Perth, Margaret River in the South West and back along the Nullarbor Plain into South Australia, Adelaide then on to Wilson's Promontory in Victoria and back up the NSW south coast before returning to Byron Bay.

Of course we agreed that all this hard work should recognise a worthwhile cause and given our combined love for the county and its communities thought it was befitting to adopt the Royal Flying Doctor Services of Australia as our charity of choice.

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