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BMW 800GS Setup

This page will contain our log on setting up the BMW 800GS leading up to the big event.

In the beginning...  
The big 800GS has finally arrived! Here it is before the bolt on fun began...
First job was to attach the frames that hold the luggage to the bike. These are the bolts, spacers etc that make that a reality.
Here is the finished product, soft panniers and hard case. We hope all the pieces from the picture above were all accounted for!
Autocom Setup  
The Autocom setup on the BMW was always going to be interesting. The BMW runs a system called CANBUS. The system is wired more like a computer then a usual bike. It also has no fuses so there wasn't much room for mistakes. Great...

We decided to work around the CANBUS system and wire everything up to a relay connected directly to the battery (fused of course!).

After a fair amount of soldering and swearing about the stupid screws used to hold everything together, we finally got the beast wired.
The Autocom lives down the back of the bike where the toolkit would normally sit. We also wired up an additional accessories socket to be used for battery charging and a GPS.

Once finished we fired the bike up - success! No interference from the engine or the CANBUS system!