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The upside, down-under tour of Australia


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The Bikes

Jason and Korey both settled on KTM 990 Adventures. Greg settled for a BMW 800GS after much deliberation.

KTM 990 Adventure

You can read about the build up of Korey and Jason's KTM 990 Adventures on the KTM 990 Adventure Setup page


You can read about the build up of Greg's BMW 800GS on the BMW 800GS Setup page

Other Contenders

The more we looked, the more we found. Here is an extended list of other bikes we looked at.

Suzuki DR650

The DR650 has a solid reputation with many examples blasting across the country with over 60,000kms and still going strong. It's also the cheapest bike listed on this page by a fair margin, with a number of aftermarket bits ready to bolt on. The only down side might be comfort over long distances, but maybe Greg will just have to harden up a bit!

Kawasaki KLR650

The KLR650 has a similar reputation as the DR650. It too is great value and probably better suited to the long haul, with a touch less dirt capability with a bit more plastic to break.

BMW G650 XchallengeYamaha 2008 TenereHonda TransalpYamaha XT660R


Tenere: We've only seen a few pictures of this bike and are apparently coming to Australia in late 2008. Looks the goods, a definitely contender in the same league as the KTM 640 Adventure.
XT660R: From what we can gather this is an Enduro bike with a potent engine. Apparently the suspension package isn't really conducive to screaming across the countryside at warp 9.


640 Adventure: Looks the goods, but we have read (and experienced) the well documented vibration of this bike. We're not sure we could handle the amount of vibration. It's also been discontinued, awaiting the arrival of the KTM 690 Adventure. But we have no idea when we'll see this bike in Australia.
690 Enduro: A new bike for KTM replacing the old 625/640 LC4 range. Looks a bit weird, probably the most dirt bike oriented of the group. Has some accessories such as panniers but needs more fuel range and that seat looks good for about 30km before your butt would get sore!


G 650 Xchallenge: Weird name, sounds promising. Only issue would be fuel range and the lack of ability to increase this to any great degree. Still worth a second look.
F 800GS: New bike for BMW due out in Australia later on in 2008. Looks like a scaled down 1200GS. The engine should be reliable, it's been used in a number of BMW models over the last couple of years so most the bugs should be ironed out by now.


XR650: The XR650 has been around for a while now. More slanted towards the dirt side of the equation than anything else mentioned above. But it's kick start only!! We also don't think you can get XR650's new anymore.
Honda Transalp: A softer option, don't seem to have much of a following. Would be comfortable on the road stretches by the look of it.