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We made it, the fence has been checked!!

The trip is done, we have all made it home safe and sound! What a trip! Now it's time to clean the dust out (although with the latest round of dust storms it seems like a fruitless effort) and get back to normal life.

We'll also be updating the website with additions to rate your plate, plus new things such as rate your road, rate your rubber and rate your gear.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us out and donated to the RFDS cause, we've raised over $4000 dollars! THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE!

Check out our trip log HERE!

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Money raised: $4000

Website Updates

27th September 2009: Updated week 8 of the triplog

9th September 2009: Updated week 5 of the triplog

2nd September 2009: Rate Your Plate updated!

2nd September 2009: Updated the charity page with instructions on how to make donations

2nd September 2009: More updates to week 4 of the triplog

1st September 2009: Updated week 4 of the triplog

21st August 2009: Trip Stratistics updated!

21st August 2009: Updated week 3 of the triplog

20th August 2009: Rate Your Plate updated!

20th August 2009: Updated week 2 of the triplog

13th August 2009: Trip Stratistics updated!

13th August 2009: Rate Your Plate updated!

13th August 2009: Updated week 1 and week 2 of the triplog

10th August 2009: Updated the triplog, the Cape is done!

31st July 2009: The trip is underway!

16th July 2009: Added the Hatching the Idea page to explain exactly how we came up with this crazy idea!

16th July 2009: Added more supporters to the support page

5th July 2009: Added the support page to thank everyone who has been helping us out

16th June 2009: Added the June Test Ride page

14th June 2009: Updated the BMW 800GS Setup page to include Autocom installation